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Database of Arabidopsis Mutants of Acyl-Lipid Metabolism

  • Information on over 280 Arabidopsis genes that have characterized mutants associated with Arabidopsis acyl lipid metabolism. The database is integrated within the ARALIP acyl lipid metabolism website.
  • Information on the phenotypes of mutants, pathways and enzymes/proteins associated with the mutants and rapid access via hyperlinks to summaries, comments and to literature that provides information on the lipid composition of the mutants.
  • Mutants for at least 30% of the genes in the database have multiple names, which have been compiled to reduce ambiguities in searches for information.
  • Compilation in Excel of information on >280 mutants.
  • A list of 20 genes associated with acyl lipid metabolism that have NO T-DNA inserts reported in TAIR as of Nov, 2014.
  • Mutant database information was compiled from data published up to summer 2014. Further information about the database is included in the publication:
    • McGlew, K., V. Shaw, M. Zhang, R. J. Kim, W. Yang, B. Shorrosh, M. C. Suh and J. Ohlrogge (2014). "An annotated database of Arabidopsis mutants of acyl lipid metabolism." Plant Cell Rep.